It’s spring!! Have you been enjoying the flowers? Here are a few things I’ve been reading lately, if you are in the mood.

Warmer weather makes me crave all the vegetables. This recipe for extra vegetable friend rice is so good (I wished I had made a double batch). Plus, the last conversation you’ll ever need to have about eating right and a follow up (advice from Mark Bittman and Dr. David Katz).

It’s a question that comes easily, and the answers are often so cute, but this op-ed argues that we should stop asking kids what they want to be when they grow up — there are so many aspects to a person, and this forces people to define themselves in terms of work alone. Such a good point!

Can we just, like, get over the way women talk?

The beauty uniform of arctic explorer Felicity Aston is an inspiring read. It is amazing to hear about her expeditions and how she has to take care of her body in different ways in extreme cold conditions. She was the first woman to ski across Antartica alone — imagine being totally alone for 59 days! She says, “out there, I realized that me, my character, is the space between all the people that have huge influence in my life. When those people and outside influences were taken away, suddenly my character didn’t have a form anymore. I felt fluid. It made me realize just how much the people in our lives help shape who we are — and how absolutely essential it is to surround yourself with others that reflect the values and the character that you want to have. People who are good for you.”

We all deserve a leader like Jacinda Ardern.

Why it’s past time to do something about climate change, and the panic people are starting to feel might be what we need to save us.

Please stop asking us to separate the art from the artist.

Mansplaining at its peak: a man “correcting” a gynecologist on the terms for a woman’s anatomy. Just wow.

Astronaut Catherine Coleman had short hair but says she purposefully grew it out before going into space so there would be a clear distinction between her and male astronauts in photos, so that little girls could see a woman in space with floaty hair and feel inspired and empowered. So cool.

What are you reading lately? We would love to hear!

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