We are lucky in Boston to have so many amazing free events happening all the time. In fact, through April 21st, the Cambridge Science Festival brings together a ton of different ways to experience new discoveries in science, technology, art, and math. The events are designed to be accessible and interactive, and fun for everyone.

Based out of the MIT Museum, this year’s event is the 13th annual festival, and includes more than 70 different venues and 100 collaborators. Take a look at the schedule to see if there is something that interests you — offerings include activities, demonstrations, tours, debates, and workshops.

While the festival began earlier this week, there are still tons of great events ahead. Walk in to a large-scale camera obscura, which operates like a model of your eye, hear about the evidence backing a plant-based diet, learn to observe nature like an owl, take your origami skills to the next level, and ponder the universe over a pint with an expert an one of several Harvard Square pubs. How fun!

Images courtesy of the Cambridge Science Festival.

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