If you do a quick google search, you’ll come across hundreds of registry-must-haves for the first few months with a baby. It can be overwhelming! When in reality, you don’t need that much in the beginning. As long as the baby is fed, clothed and loved… you’re good to go! Although there are some things that make life easier and both mom and baby more comfortable. Now that I’ve had two kids, here are the five things that I would recommend to other parents-to-be:


You cant use the Baby Bjorn Bouncer right away but man, is it worth it in the long run. It’s a pricey piece of baby gear but Baby Bjorn products are good quality and you’ll get your money’s worth out of this seat. It collapses and can be pushed underneath a couch (where we store ours) or placed in a closet. Unlike other seats, you use your foot to rock the baby, but it’s pleasant to do so. The baby bar is a must-have and both Remy and Milo have loved this seat. The cover comes off and can be thrown in the wash for easy clean-up.

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I almost donated this mobile after Milo outgrew it because it takes up more space in the closet than I’d like… but I’m so glad I didn’t. It’s magic. If Remy is fussy or I need ten minutes to hop in the shower, I turn this mobile on and he’s mesmerized! It has several songs that are very calming and who doesn’t like dancing monkeys? 🙂

A carrier

I swore by the Solly wrap with Milo but this time around I’m using my Lillebaby carrier (seen above with Milo) much more. I like having the carrier as an option when I have both boys because I can be more active with Milo, and run after him when needed. Having your hands in general is a bonus (life with kids!) and I find that I appreciate the extra support of a carrier versus a wrap this time around.


We didn’t buy a glider when Milo was a newborn, mostly because his room is tiny. When I was pregnant with Remy, I knew that I wanted a more comfortable place to nurse and rock the baby. We were in the market for a new living room chair, so we opted to buy this glider (aptly named!) and place it in the living room. The chair is incredibly comfortable — anyone who comes over wants to sit in it.

Hand-held Breast Pump

This hand-held pump was a new purchase for me this time around, and it has saved a lot of time. I am trying to give Remy a bottle each day so that he will take it in addition to breastfeeding. I don’t always want to pull out the big pump, and I find that over the course of two feedings, I am able to get enough milk for a bottle using this pump. For under $15, it’s a great purchase!

Becoming a parent can be overwhelming and there are so many items that you think you need. In reality, in the beginning you only need clothing, a swaddle or two, and a safe place for the baby to sleep. I hope this short list is helpful! xo

PS. Our registry must-haves for families living in the city.

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