Playground season is upon us!! We are lucky to live in a city with so many great playgrounds. Here are a few of our favorites:

Myrtle Street Playground

Laura and Serena live around the corner from the Myrtle Street Playground, and for that reason it is in of our favorites. In addition to swings and a play structure, there are plenty of ride-on toys and push toys for new walkers and toddlers alike. In the summer, Myrtle Street Playground hosts lots of fun community events including Thursday afternoon events throughout the summer, an Easter egg hunt, back to school BBQ and more.

Buckley Playground - The Boston Day Book

Buckley Playground

Buckley Playground is my neighborhood playground! You can find us here many afternoons, especially when the sun is shining. It’s quite large and they have a small structure for little kids, plus a larger play structure and a swing set. There is also a basketball court and a big area for hopscotch, chalk, or simply to run around. Milo is obsessed with the slide and running around looking for sticks. There is also a lot of the foam padding on the ground so if someone falls, it won’t hurt quite as badly.

Stoneman Playground - The Boston Day Book - Playgrounds in Boston

Stoneman Playground

Situated along the Esplanade between Massachusetts Avenue and Fairfield Street, the Stoneman Playground is one of our favorite places to hang, as long as it’s not super windy! Technically the playground is two separate spaces — one for babies and toddlers, and another for older kids. The play structures are well-made and our kids adore the wooden car!

Clarendon Street Playground - The Boston Day Book - Playgrounds in Boston

Clarendon Street Playground

The Clarendon Street Playground is super close to where our parents live, so we often find ourselves here on the weekends. The playground is built for kids who are a little bit older, although there is a play structure and swing set dedicated to babies and toddlers. Milo loves playing in the large sandbox, and it’s great that the playground has lots of diggers and toys for the kids.

Peters Park

Peters Park in the South End is one of our favorites because it is covered in soft foam. There is a lot to climb, as well as a small structure with a little house for toddlers. There isn’t a ton of shade, though, so this playground is best for more mild days.

Ringgold Park

Ringgold Park is set amongst beautiful tree-lined streets in the heart of the South End. It’s a community park, and as such, there are plenty of events throughout the year. We love the large space for kids to run and scoot around.

Castle Island Playground - The Boston Day Book - Playgrounds in Boston

Castle Island Playground

We love spending summer afternoons at Castle Island. A romp through the grass, watching airplanes and boats, and of course a snack from Sullivan’s. The Castle Island Playground is set in a shady part of the park and has two structures. There is also a swing set and a few animal statues that Milo enjoys climbing.

I’m so happy that spring is here… and soon enough we’ll be sharing our favorite splash pads!

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