Hunt Slonem Solo Exhibition at DTR Modern Galleries

The number of bunny sightings on Newbury Street is multiplying over the course of the next few weeks with the arrival of the “Hunt Slonem Solo Exhibition” at DTR Modern Gallery. This show, which begins today, features “a wide array of Hunt Slonem’s globally recognized butterflies, bunnies and birds,” says gallery director Suzanne King, and is sure to delight art connoisseurs and budding collectors alike.

Hunt Slonem Striped Diamond Bunnies

Striped Diamond Bunnies, 32×32″ framed

DTR Modern Gallery, which also has locations in New York, Palm Beach and Washington D.C., and is known for its privately-held collection of works by modern and contemporary masters like Basquiat, Haring, Miró, Picasso and Warhol, is thrilled to show many of Slonem’s neo-expressionist works in their totality, many of which are inspired by nature and the artist’s 60 pet birds. While Slonem’s work can be found in the permanent collections of 250 museums around the world, DTR Modern Gallery Boston presents the heady, lavishly colored oil paintings, bold patterns and gestured brushwork that are the artist’s signature in a more intimate forum.

Slonem himself is appearing at an invite-only reception tonight, and the exhibition will be on view through May 5.

167 Newbury Street, Boston. For more information, visit DTR Modern Galleries.

ADDITIONAL DESIGNS FOR THE HOME: Hunt Slonem’s iconic patterns are not just relegated to the art world. Slonem’s bunnies, butterflies, tropical birds and even his Abraham Lincolns are also available in fabrics and wallpapers. The artist has partnered with Groundworks at Lee Jofa on a collection of wall coverings and coordinating fabrics that include Hutch, Bunny Wall Small, Lucky Charm, Bayou Casino and the beautiful Fritillery line.

Photography courtesy of DTR Modern Gallery

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