Just a few days ago, Remy turned six months old!!! It’s hard to believe that we existed before Remy was born, but I simultaneously can’t believe that he’s already six months old. Where does the time go?

Remy continues to be a total joy. He is such a wonderful baby, and sweeter than I could have ever imagined. Not a day goes by that I don’t contemplate just how lucky I am to have two healthy and happy kids.

remy - 6 months

Here’s a little update at the six month mark:

Remy loves:

– Milo — this relationship continues to surprise me and brings me so much joy everyday. Milo is very attached to me, and from day one, I thought he’d have a hard time having to share attention with Remy. From the beginning, he has been the best and proudest big brother, always protecting his little brother and making sure he’s happy. Remy lights up as soon as he sees Milo, and no one can get Remy to laugh quite the way Milo can!

– Sitting up — he is so close to sitting unassisted, but he loves to be propped up and play with toys in a new way.

This teething toy — it seems to find all the right spots. He loves it! But honestly, everything and anything in the mouth is something he loves these days.

– The bath — bath time is always fun at our house. My boys love the bath! Remy isn’t too interested in bath toys yet, but he loves to splash and enjoys entertainment by Milo. He is still sitting in this baby bath, but soon enough he’ll be sitting in the big tub!

– Crinkly toys — he’s most fond of any light up, musical toy (like the Baby Einstein musical toy) but also loves crinkly toys like this book.

– Walks in the stroller — born in the late fall, Remy loves to be outside and feel the sun on his face. I can’t blame him! He really enjoys being in the stroller, and if he’s ever feeling cranky (which honestly, is rarely), a nice stroller walk will improve his mood.

This blanket — Matt and I were just commenting the other day that Milo never really got into a lovey. I think that we are his soothing thing of choice 🙂 but Remy has really taken to this soft blanket, and I think it might become the thing that he uses to self soothe down the road.

remy - solly baby wrap

Remy’s not into:

– Pacifiers — Milo didn’t use a pacifier either, and Remy just isn’t into them. He seems to be able to soothe himself other ways, so I’m okay with it.

– Bottles — although fingers crossed that we’ve turned a corner! He took two bottles this week from sitters, and I’m really hopeful that this is an upward trend. I love breastfeeding, and am so grateful that I am able to, but mama needs a break sometimes.

Honestly, that’s it. He’s such a happy guy, and he’s pretty content most of the time.

remy - 6 month update

Fun facts:

– Remy is wearing a helmet to correct a flat spot on the back of his head. It’s a cosmetic issue, but after 12 months of age, it’s really hard to fix because the head begins to fuse together. We decided to go for the helmet since its success rate is basically 100%. He wears it 23 hours a day, and will wear it for another two months probably.

– We just started solids! Milo was never a good eater, so I’m hoping that Remy will encourage him to try some new foods. Wishful thinking, but we will see! Remy’s high chair actually comes today. We ordered the same one that we have for Milo since we know we like it and they can use them as they grow. So far we’ve tried sweet potato, banana, and pears. He doesn’t seem super interested yet, so we’re taking it slow.

– Remy is talking up a storm these days. He’s not saying anything, per se, but lots of cute noises and sounds. He loves to mimic us, and adores being sung to.

– No teeth yet, but they’re on their way! This guy has been drooling and teething up a storm. Any day now!

– He is a really good napper, and I feel very lucky. Milo never napped well in his crib and it was sometimes stressful. Remy will happily nap in his crib, the stroller, or his carseat. He is still napping 3-4 times a day, but I think he will drop a nap soon as he’s starting to string his sleep cycles together and his naps are starting to become a little longer.

– We have also found a good rhythm when it comes to nighttime sleep. He is officially out of our room and into Milo’s room… although Milo is out of his room and into our bed. But, that’s another story! Remy goes down right at 7pm and will typically wake up once overnight (usually around 4am) to eat and then will go back down until 6:30 or 7am. We just transitioned him into a sleep sack and he’s started sleeping on his side. It’s adorable.

Happy six months, Rem Rem! We love you so much.

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