Spring is such a beautiful season! The flowers this year have been amazing… we took lots of walks all around the city to admire them this month, and Serena has taken to saying from the stroller “wow, look at that beautiful tree!” (So cute.) I love that we have so many flowering trees around, so once the magnolias and cherry trees are past their peak there is something new blooming to admire.

Serena’s imagination has been really expanding, and it is so much fun to play with her now and get immersed in her world of pretend. She recently spent an entire weekend ‘pretending’ to be either mama or grandma — so sweet, but it also meant she wouldn’t take a bath (only showers) and wouldn’t go in the stroller. She is like a method actor — fully committed to her role, haha! It is so adorable, although not always convenient. 😉

You know those nights when you just can’t sleep? It can be so frustrating. Lately I am really loving the yoga nidra tracks from Jennifer Piercy on the free app Insight Timer. Insight Timer has a lot of other great tools for meditation (including a literal timer with a bunch of helpful settings). At least if I’m not sleeping, listening to Jennifer’s soothing voice helps me to relax, and more often than not she guides me back into sleep.

A dear friend sent me a care package recently (these are a lost art — I felt so loved that day, and it was one of the most special things I’ve received by mail in a long time). Included was a book she read recently and wanted to pass along — Less. It was a fun read that followed the main character around the world, that also had some thought-provoking themes on regret, growing up, and finding love. The main character was so well fleshed out — I could really picture him in all of these situations. It is such a treat to lose yourself in a book!

Have you been watching The Good Fight? It is a spin-off continuation of the excellent show The Good Wife, and is so timely. The main character, Diane Lockhart, is a middle-aged successful liberal lawyer who is coming unhinged in the time of Trump. The show’s third season asks so many interesting questions such as how far to go for political gain without betraying your values, how to manage a damaged legacy, fight racism, create pay equality, and more. It is also often funny, which I am really looking for in shows these days. Laughter is so important!

What are you loving these days? xo

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