40564457.jpgThe House in the Hills by Rowan Hanlon

Published June 4, 2019

Kindle Edition, 345 pages


(Thanks to Netgalley & Reverberator Books, I received an eARC)



 The House Always Wins…

A young couple is surprised to find out their ultra cool mid-century modern Hollywood Hills dream house has a past steeped in blood and debauchery. But when the house starts exhibiting paranormal activity, they realize they’ve truly gotten more than they bargained for.

The House in the Hills is a novel about how the house of your dreams can sometimes turn into a nightmare.   



After reading the synopsis of this book, I really felt like it had a ton of potential. Then I started reading it, and it’s like it went on forever. There was a spot probably about ten pages just describing one room of this house. That went on for pretty much every room and I found myself wanting to skim through all of the rest of the rooms.

The story itself was pretty interesting. I liked that we didn’t know much about the house until couple moved in. And the backstory of the house was phenomenal, there was really so much potential to make this book one of my absolute favorites. I really enjoy horror stories, But this one just wasn’t cutting it for me. I never really found myself scared while reading it but I was creeped out quite a few times.

The characters were pretty good, I really enjoyed the couple that moved into this house and also the tenant that lived in the little side house. I like seeing the characters interactions, I thought they were really spelled out for you. I actually wish there was a bit more of backstory on the couple and the tenant.

Overall I would say this book wasn’t my cup of tea, but I would absolutely recommend it if you are into architecture. There were so many times where I could visualize this gorgeous house in the hills and felt like if I knew more about architecture I would appreciate the details more. I would also recommend this if you are just starting out with horror it seems like a good start to reading the genre.

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