We have a love/hate relationship with Instagram, as many people do. It can be a source of inspiration but it can also be a difficult space if you find yourself comparing your lives to the filtered lives of others. For that reason, we try and fill our feed with accounts that inspire and lift us up! Many of those people happen to be artists whose work make us feel good and inspire us to think more creatively.

Six artists to follow on Instagram

It Went Like This - Heather Day | Six Artists to Follow on Instagram - The Boston Day Book
It Went Like This – Heather Day

1. Heather Day

Heather is a California-based artist. We are endlessly inspired by her bright and happy paintings, and her incredible use of color. Her abstract works connect thoughts between what is known and how it is felt.

Safest Space - Moss and Blue | Six Artists to Follow on Instagram - The Boston Day Book
Safest Space – Julianne Strom Brill, Moss and Blue

2. Julianne Strom Brill – Moss and Blue

Julianne Strom Brill is a Newton native, and we love following along for scenes of her studio, work in progress, and abstract art. You can learn more about Julianne in this profile we did on her.

Cape St. Mary - Lisa McLinden | Six Artists to Follow on Instagram - The Boston Day Book
Cape St. Mary – Lisa McLinden

3. Lisa McLinden

Nature is artist Lisa McLinden’s greatest source of inspiration, which comes shining through in her work. We appreciate her use of soft colors and textural elements. As Lisa says, ” the colors I use in my art are truly an extension of all other aspects of my life. My home, wardrobe, and private art collection, are all a sea of blues, greys, whites, and browns.” More about Lisa here.

Light Invitation - Julia S. Powell Art | Boston Artist
Light Invitation – Julia S. Powell Art

4. Julia S. Powell Art

We have long admired the way light is reflected in Julia’s work, and her non-linear path to becoming a professional artist. We did a profile on Julia a little while back, where you can learn more about her and how she went from being a lawyer to an artist.

Ashley Mary Art | Six Artists to Follow on Instagram - The Boston Day Book
Ashley Mary Art

5. Ashley Mary Art

We want to be friends with Ashley! She exudes so much optimism and playfulness. I mean, just look at this! In addition to creating canvases, Ashley works on murals, and most recently completed two murals in Tulum.

Silvia Lopez Chavez | Boston Murals
Silvia López Chavez

6. Silvia López Chavez

Silvia brings so much joy and color to her murals. Originally from the Dominican Republic, Silvia moved to Boston to attend the Massachusetts College of Art & Design. She is an artist-in-residence at Children’s Hospital (amazing) and creates murals throughout Boston and elsewhere. More about Silvia’s interesting path to art here.

Who do you enjoy following on Instagram? We are always excited to discover new people. xo

PS. Local artists we love, and exhibits to check out.

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