Our best hitter rn, no lie.

Time to put on a show.

The Red Sox (23-21) look to astride anew the metaphorical horse of victory when they face the stupid sexy Astros (30-15) tonight at Fenway Park at 7:15 p.m.

It’s a FOX game, people, and the Sox have Héctor Velázquez scheduled to treat the national TV audience to his craft. Not to be outdone, the Astros start Corbin Martin, the team’s No. 4 prospect, per MLB, coming off a successful debut against the otherwise hot-hitting Rangers. It’s not exactly Gerrit Cole/Rick Porcello, but we don’t get a say in the matter and that didn’t work out too well yesterday anyway.

The lineups are very similar to yesterday except Jackie Bradley Jr. is playing. On the Astros side it’s even less interesting. Trust me. Enjoy the game.

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