Cannoli from Mike’s Pastry and Modern Pastry

Get to know the city and surrounding area with these essential eats

Attention, tourists: Boston’s dining scene hasn’t been defined by baked beans and chowder in decades. Sure, seafood is a standout option around town — in a multitude of non-chowder preparations — but there’s much more to try when eating your way around the city.

Here are 26 iconic dishes and drinks that define Boston (and the surrounding area) in one way or another, along with bonus options to try related to each one. Some of these dishes have earned a place here primarily by way of their longevity and important place in Boston’s dining history; others are truly the best of the best of their kind, regardless of age; and others are unique items that can’t be readily found anywhere else in the area.

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This map was originally published on June 27, 2017; it is updated periodically, and the date of the most recent update appears above.

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