It’s been awhile since I’ve done a little life update, and there’s plenty to share! We have been busy.

Earlier in the fall, Matt and I sat down to prioritize the home projects we wanted to tackle. We have lived in our condo for almost ten years, and it was time to do some larger scale projects like replacing the front stairs and painting the exterior.

Now that the weather has started to warm up, these projects are underway! Our steps were just completed last week. We went from wooden steps that needed to be repainted every year to brick steps with bluestone. They look so good! It actually took a long time (~6 days) because they have to dig four feet underground and pour concrete as a foundation for the steps. Milo was in awe of the process — and the cement mixer, of course!

Toddlers are so literal. Milo went to preschool and was telling his teachers how he didn’t have any stairs… which was actually true! We were using our back entrance for awhile (and our understanding and lovely upstairs neighbors were cutting through our house to get to theirs) until the steps were complete.

Here they are all done!

The mason and his team also repointed our alley wall, which desperately needed to be done. I’d highly recommend the mason we worked with; his team was so professional and really lovely from start to finish.

We only live a few blocks from Milo’s preschool and typically he rides his scooter to get there. Recently he’s traded the scooter for his bike! It’s so cute to see him go. (Here is his helmet, too, which he loves.)

We finally ordered a highchair for Remy. We kept holding off thinking that Milo would be ready for a regular seat or booster seat, but he wasn’t having any of it. I can’t blame him! We ended up getting Remy the exact same seat, so they can sit side by side at the table.

Remy has also started eating! We are doing baby led weaning and it’s pretty cool to see how interested he is in food. Milo has always been a picky eater… and I’m wondering if Remy will encourage him to try new foods! So far, Remy has really enjoyed watermelon.

Remy is 6.5 months old now and is looking so big! His first tooth is coming any day, and he’s just about to start scooting. He feels like such a little kid and as always, Milo is his favorite.

I am still dairy-free, but needed to have a slice of pizza the other day. Without a doubt, pizza is the food I miss most. I can’t wait until I can go to Picco! Anyways, I was visiting Laura and popped into All Star Pizza Bar for a slice of their vegan pizza. It was pretty good.

I’m anticipating the warm weather, as I’m sure you are, too! Milo’s third birthday is coming up (can’t believe it) and we are headed on vacation in early June. We are going to Greece and France, and I am so excited. I’ve been putting the finishing touches on our trip, and now need to start reading about what to do in Athens.

Have you been? Any tips? xoxo

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