And oh yeah Eduardo Núñez is playing shortstop. At least J.D. Martinez is back.

The Red Sox (27-25) look to salvage the last game of a three-game set against the Astros (35-18), just like they did last Sunday, only this time it’s in Houston (2:10 p.m., NESN) against future Hall of Famer Justin Verlander. It’s the first time the Sox have faced the former MVP all year, and they’ll send Eduardo Rodriguez to the mound with the unenviable task of trying to match him. On the bright side, the Sox return home for a Memorial Day game against the Indians tomorrow. On the less bright side, Verlander presents a major challenge. Back on the bright side, it’s a three-day weekend! So that’s good, and why this post is short. On the less bright side, Eduardo Núñez is starting at shortstop, a truly horrifying proposition, with Xander Bogaerts having a day off (as does Mitch Moreland). On the bright side, it’s gonna be beautiful! Go outside, people. Listen to the game today. You won’t regret it, unless the Sox strand 113 runners again and their bullpen blows another game, and then you might, unless you’re Craig Kimbrel, and then you might check your phone for the call while grilling a caribou you probably killed with your stare.

Make the call, Dave. Save the caribou. Enjoy the rest of your weekends, people. (And caribou).

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