I think I’ve written this before, but every single photo of Price from this angle is identical. Mechanics FTW.

I prewrote the story assuming a rainout I still believe will come but I didn’t win by press time.

If you read this, the Red Sox did not call the game by 5 p.m. and I refused to change the text below because then I’d have to write new stuff, which I truly don’t want to do. Or they did call it before 5 and I just didn’t catch it in time. EIther way.

The Red Sox (29-25) are not going to play the Indians (26-27) tonight at Fenway Park (7:10 p.m., NESN), because the game is going to be postponed by rain. David Price is not going to face Cleveland a few days after departing with the flu, and Cleveland isn’t even going to bother announcing a starter. The injured guys will get a free day of rest and you’ll be free to catch up on Fleabag or watch the Billions that you forgot about over the weekend — it’s quite good! If you play chess, you can challenge me on Lichess (I’m bryner99). You can do that on game days too, but especially tonight. Also watch out for tornados.

Over The Monster https://www.overthemonster.com/2019/5/28/18643010/red-sox-vs-indians-lineup-im-not-owned-im-not-owned