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As a kid I strangely loved bugs. I would spend hours in our backyard, turning over rocks and digging holes seeing what kinds of creatures I could find. Much to my sisters’ dislike, I would catch crickets in the meadow behind our house and bring them inside in a bug catcher. I loved their sweet chorus. It always lulled me to sleep, and to this day, the sound of crickets immediately transports me to my childhood home.

We love supporting and partnering with Zoo New England, and were excited to hear that they were launching a new larger-than-life exhibit dedicated to bugs called Wicked BIG Bugs. As Milo and Serena would exclaim, “spiders are scary!”… especially when they are large animatronic spiders. 🙂

The exhibit is only $2 per person (in addition to a regular admission ticket to the zoo) and features an 8-foot-tall tarantula (!) and a scorpion looming in the air, among many other creepy and crawly friends.

Wicked BIG Bugs - Franklin Park Zoo - The Boston Day Book

Serena and Milo loved running around after each other and stopping to inspect each bug.

Wicked BIG Bugs - Franklin Park Zoo - The Boston Day Book

The exhibit will be on view through September 2 at the Franklin Park Zoo, which is one of our favorite places to spend time in the summer months. If you go, be sure to visit the playgrounds, carousel and of course the super cool bird’s nest!

This post is in collaboration with Zoo New England. Thanks for reading!

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