We catch up with Haasan Barclay via email not long before his new band Camp Blood is set to storm the stage of Day 1 of Illegally Blind’s Fuzzstival Boston


Dan Shea: Who/ what is Camp Blood?

Haasan Barclay: Camp Blood is Haasan Barclay, Shaka Dendy & Matthew Thornton. It is as much punk as it is hip hop as it is a performance art project.We began producing/recording in Spring 2018, with Matthew coming onboard later in September as a DJ and co-producer. 

DS: From the one track I’ve heard Camp Blood seems to be a real departure from the mellower soul and pop inflected songs I’ve come to associate with you. Were you seeking sonic change, or did it find you?

HB: I’ve been personally working on heavier sounding music for years, constantly looking for the right outlet to unleash it. Things came together when I met Shaka and we bonded over music, cultural references and philosophies. The sonic variance has been there forever, just took the right conditions to come forth. You can’t make this kind of music with just anyone. Trust me I’ve tried.

DS: It seems like you do a lot of production work for other performers (including recently for one of my fav locals OG SWAGGERDICK). Are you making more music for yourself or other people these days?

HB: I’m always looking to produce music for other acts, but lately I’ve been focusing on Camp Blood. 

DS: Is this your first Fuzzstival? What a stacked line up!! Anyone that you’re especially looking forward to sharing a bill with?

HB: I did Fuzzstival back in 2017. I’m not totally familiar with everyone on the bill but I was blown away by the bands I saw last time I performed. I only expect the same this time. RIP Birthing Hips.

DS: What’s next for you, the band, and all the rest as we softly fade into summertime 2019?

HB: This summer we’ll be releasing our debut EP along with a bunch of other surprises. ?

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