When we moved into our home almost ten years ago, we inherited its strange salmon color. At the time, I felt “meh” about it, but over time, the color grew on me.

This past winter, we had the inside of our house repainted (we went with Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore everywhere) and we ended up having that same painter do the exterior. He does a lot of work locally, and he’s a super nice guy. He has a team of 3-4 other painters that work with him.

I went back and forth on paint colors. It is so daunting to paint the entire exterior of your house. So many paint colors are similar and yet can feel so different when painted on a large surface. There are tons of websites online and Benjamin Moore has a neat tool that can show you how different colors would work, but I still hemmed and hawed. I wanted a dark blue, but didn’t want it too be too dark or too cool. It is so tricky!

When it came time to decide, I asked about a dozen people for their opinion, and then hoped for the best. Ultimately, I am really happy with the colors we chose. They work well with the surrounding homes on our block.

Exterior Paint Colors That We Chose

Sherwin-Williams Sea Serpent for the body

Sherwin-Williams Gray Screen for brick, detail, and front doors

Sherwin-Williams Extra White for trim

Here are the painters at work…

It had probably been 15 years or so since the house had been painted, so there was a lot of prep work involved. They replaced some rotten wood and spent a lot of time sanding and priming before painting. The entire project took about 6 full days of work.

And here is the finished look!

I am thrilled with how it came out… and it feels so nice to cross this big house item off the list. This past weekend, we bought some new annual flowers (we went with impatients) to plant in the front little “yard” of our house to go in between the boxwood trees currently there. Now it’s time to do some stooping and enjoy the finished product!

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