A seasonally definitive guide to family-friendly fun in the Boston area

Thanks to its compact, historic neighborhoods and pleasant New England waterfronts, Boston is probably America’s greatest walking city. Similarly pedestrian-friendly cities such as Cambridge surround it, too.

This makes the Boston region especially easy to visit and to navigate with kids.

Other great metropolitan areas boast world-renowned museums, gorgeous green spaces, and zoos that keep kids coming back again and again. But in Boston and its surrounding region, everything is a bit more doable for families: The top sites are often clustered together or just a short ride away on the city’s subway, buses, and commuter rail.

And then there are the things you can only do in and around Boston: Ride on a swan boat in the middle of summer, visit a historic fort, reenact the Boston Tea Party. It all makes for great fun as a family, offering experiences that are both educational and entertaining.

We’ve mapped 23 of the best kid-friendly activities in the Boston region that will please locals and visitors alike. Know of something we missed? Leave a comment below. And be sure to check the websites and call the phone numbers for any special hours or offers.

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