Our kitchen renovation is starting in just a few weeks and to say that I am excited would be an understatement. Since we moved in seven months ago, we’ve made the current kitchen work for us… but it has also meant an excessive amount of paper plates and plastic silverware (no dishwasher) and living in limbo since we have many unpacked boxes waiting for our reno to be complete.

It feels really, really good to be moving forward. I am especially grateful that we are still able to take on this large project now with COVID-19 and the ripple effects in the economy. Honestly, I think it has been a really good distraction for me, too. I have spent many evenings browsing Pinterest for inspiration.

Now that we are in the final stages before demo begins, we are honing in on the details, which is my favorite part. We are currently trying to decide on hardware (this is what I am leaning towards, in nickel), cabinet color (thinking a light blue/gray), and appliances (have everything decided on except the fridge). After a lot of back and forth, we decided to panel the fridge and dishwasher. Since our kitchen is going to open up to the living room, we want it to feel really clean and seamless, and I think seeing more cabinet (versus cabinets and appliances) will help achieve that. I am excited about all of the appliances (we have been without a dishwasher and oven for seven months!!!) but especially the double oven. We have been using a convection oven for months, and although we love it, we are excited to be able to cook more than one thing at once.

Our kitchen designer recommended that we work with Yale Appliance, who coincidentally my parents have used for years, and we have been pleased so far! We have gone into the showroom (they have one in Dorchester) several times, and have gone back-and-forth over email to help make our decisions. Appliances are so costly and hopefully we will have them for a long time, so I appreciate that we haven’t felt pressured into buying quickly.

We live in a narrow row house from the 1890’s, and although we will be opening up the space to create a more open floor plan, we have limited space. Luckily, our ceilings are very tall, so our cabinets will be almost ten feet tall, which I think will make the room feel more spacious.

After having had quartz and marble countertops in our last home, we are planning to do quartz countertops (and potentially extending to the backsplash like in the photo below) for their marble-like look and ease of care.

The new kitchen will include a dining nook. Matt and I are going back and forth on our overall design right now, but we are planning for a wooden 60-inch rectangular table. For a light above, we are leaning towards this one (which would match a light we have in the hall) or this one, which I have loved forever. Very different styles!

We are leaning towards black chairs, but aren’t committed yet. We haven’t really seen anything that we love yet when it comes to counter stools and pendant lights for over the island. We are also still deciding on our sink. If you have any ideas or items that you’d love, I am all ears! 🙂

I have been obsessed with Athena Calderone of EyeSwoon’s kitchen (pictured above for Architectural Digest) for a long time, but more so as our own kitchen project has started. I would love to do a bi-fold door (basically opens the whole wall and connects the indoor living to outdoor living) like she has in her kitchen, but ultimately I think we decided against it. I get nervous with little fingers and hands… and our back wall is not actually that large, so having two 30-inch windows and a large door should feel right. We get such great light out of our back windows, and I want to extend the space so in the warmer months, our deck feels like part of the house…. but I think we will be able to achieve some of that feeling without a bi-fold.

More to come!


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Image credit: 1/ Studio McGee, 2/ Haris Kenjar via Scout and Nimble, 3/ Livingetc, 4/ Rejeuvenation, 5/ Architectural Digest

PS. Here is some additional kitchen inspiration from a few months ago.

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