There is nowhere that I find more relaxing than the beach — something about the combination of fresh air, salty breeze, sand between our toes, and splashing in the waves works as an amazing stress reliever. It is better than any spa treatment!!

At the end of September my husband took some time off work and we spent a week and a half in Gloucester, right on the water. The house we stayed at had an amazing deck that faces towards the ocean, with Wingaersheek Beach on one side and the private Coffin’s Beach on the other. I had been dreaming of being on this porch ever since finding the house online, and it felt SO good to hang out on the deck and look out to sea, without worrying about masks or distance! (I would share the listing, but the owner has taken down the listing down for the season.) It was beautiful even on the chilly, foggy days!

And on sunnier days even the smallest of our group paused for (a few minutes) to bask in the sun.

It was an amazing spot to watch the moon rise, and see the stars come out. One night we could see Mars next to the Harvest Moon!

Access to the sandy beach was just a short walk away, and we went every day. Even when the temperatures were in the 50s, we couldn’t stop Serena from taking a dip — she would even run right in with pants and a warm sweater on, haha. There were so many birds, hermit crabs, shells, and sand dollars — every walk felt like a nature treasure hunt!

She also loved getting rides on Dan’s shoulders to go into deeper water and explore the hidden beaches that reappeared each low tide.

After her daily swims, Serena needed to be wrapped up like a little baby burrito, since the weather was pretty chilly.

My dad has been away in France to see family, and my mom joined our pod for a few weeks and was able to come with us… it was such a treat! Not seeing family has been the hardest part of this COVID era. Serena was beyond thrilled to be able to play with her ‘Gigi,’ and I really appreciated being able to chat with her on the beach and in the evening.

Such an amazing time, I can’t wait to go back. Maybe when the weather is a smidge warmer! 😉 I am always amazed by all the beautiful places that are within an hour or two of our city — we are so lucky!

What are your favorite beach spots? Have you taken any vacations during this strange time? We would love to hear!

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