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Jesus Vio is currently based in western Massachusetts and makes a blend of funky, angular pop rock that just makes you feel good. Sin Paco is no different and has also been a project long in the works. On most tracks on the album, Wendy Eisenberg’s voice and bass serves as a counterpoint to Vio’s eclecticism and light singing and gives the album a unique progressive shape and color. Littered throughout this album too are what feel like new musical ventures for Jesus. There are tracks that feature rap and industrial rhythms, to tracks that could fall into the country western category, and even the jam-category.

The music is hard to pin down and cannot fall under any category making this album a refreshing surprise coming from Jesus. All the tracks have their funky, unique quirks making this a record only Jesus Vio could put out. I strongly recommend this album if you happen to be a Boston music aficionado or just a “good music” aficionado as well. There is even a special surprise from Germany’s Tellavision at the end that is probably my favorite track on the album, and new favorite song. Thank you Jesus for sharing this with the Hassle and premiering this with us.

Sin Paco by Jesus Vio


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