Nineteen by Makenzie Campbell

Published March 3, 2020

Paperback, 192 pages


(Thanks to Netgalley & Central Avenue Publishing, I received an eARC)


By the author of the wildly successful 2am Thoughts, comes Nineteen — titled after the poet’s age when she wrote this new book. Nineteen is a collection of poetry that broaches heartbreak, love, loss, war,

peace, and healing.

For every place we go, there is a feeling or memory that’s been painted on the walls. You can paint over it, but it will always be there. Even if you can’t

see it, you know.

You can feel the heartbreak inside the bedroom where you lost a love.

You can feel the hope at the coffee shop where a beginning happened.

You can feel the healing as you sit in the driver’s seat, in charge of your own life.


This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I was pleasantly surprised after seeing the goodreads rating. I’ve been dipping my toes into poetry and I love that NetGalley provides me a way to do that and buy the book after I know I enjoy it. I’d definitely consider myself a novice in the poetry reading world.

I found myself relating to the poems almost immediately. I was reading raw, real emotion. Everything felt so real the whole time I was reading I could not put it down.

I will be picking up a copy of this and the author’s other book of poetry immediately. I cannot wait to read more by this author, I’m so glad I took the chance with this book.

Boston Book Reader