Wow, what a strange few days, huh? What happened this week at the Capitol was really surreal and unnerving. While in some ways it wasn’t surprising, I still could not believe the images of people breaking windows and scaling walls to break into the Capitol. The peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of American democracy, and to see that tradition put into jeopardy is really hard to stomach. I hope this will be a wakeup call to some politicians about the power of their words, and we are looking forward to a new administration that values democracy above their own power. I think it is fair to say that we were all happy to bid 2020 goodbye, and although the beginning of this new year has been challenging, I am hopeful for a good year ahead, with lots of healing for our country.

I don’t have any actionable goals for this coming year if I am being honest. Aside from setting up my house and completing this renovation, there aren’t really any items I want to cross off the list, but more a state of mind that I want to achieve. I think for many of this, 2020 taught us about what’s truly important and how vital perspective is in our own well-being. I think when it comes to mental health, there isn’t an end goal but more a daily journey. To me, it’s about perspective, being intentional, and focusing on the things that bring me joy.

Sometimes it can be hard to know how to actually work on your own well-being though. Over the years, I’ve learned it’s less about products (although I do love a good blanket and a nice face cream) and more about mindset. Some of the things that have really helped me is choosing how and when to take in news. I check-in versus having notifications sent to me, and I choose to read instead of watch. I also have been trying to move everyday. I have been really enjoying yoga (mostly I have been doing Yoga with Adriene — this month I am doing her 30 days of yoga) and I am still doing Melissa Wood Health, whose workouts I really enjoy since they make me feel long and strong.

This coming year, I am excited to continue cultivating a home that makes me feel safe and calm. Like many of you, I am also so grateful for my family and cannot wait until I can spend time with extended family this year. I will never take those casual dinners and hugs for granted.

What are your thoughts about the new year? How are you doing? Sending lots of love and light — I know we could all use a little extra these days. xoxo

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