Hello Experimenters!


Shanah tovah to everyone celebrating Rosh Hashanah. May your year be sweet and full of wonder.


In other news, I have to draw attention to the lovely and talented Shannon Silva this week. The film she worked on during our 2 Week Film Challenge this summer is beginning its festival run (more here). If you get the chance to check out To Live and Die in the Shadows: Ferns, Survival, and Horizontal Gene Transfer I highly recommend that you do.


Keep sharing your news, everyone! I want to brag about how lovely you are.


In solidarity,



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Emergency Funds


Artist Relief Project

AFC Emergency Financial Aid

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Filmmaker’s Guide To Applying For US Coronavirus Federal Relief

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Calls for Entry

Ignite Street Food & Fire Festival due September 7th (TODAY)

Freedom for Free due September 7th (TODAY)

Light Matter Film Festival due September 10th

Festival Prisme #4 Deadline September 13th

Punto de Vista due September 19th

IFFR Deadline September 22nd
Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival Earlybird September 24th

World Cyanotype Day 2021 due September 25th

Call Out to Curators for FAB Festival 2022 due September 26th

Recess: Critical Writing due September 30th
RISC due September 30th

EURASIA PHOTO CONTEST due September 30th

Biennale della Fotografia Femminile due September 30th

SPLICE Film Fest Early Bird Deadline September 30th

Moinho Cine Fest due September 30th

Outsider 2022 due October 1st

Political Statement due October 7th

Images Festival due October 15th

Thomas Edison Film Festival Regular Deadline October 15th

Visibility & Remembrance: Standing with the Trans* Community due October 20th

ESMoA Video Art + Film Festival: BLUE/S! Regular Deadline October 23rd

VII nodoCCS Video Festival 2021 due October 30th

Experiments in Cinema Regular Deadline November 1st

Ribalta Experimental Film Festival Regular Deadline November 10th

Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival Regular Deadline November 26th

SPLICE Film Fest Regular Deadline December 24th

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Open Residencies & Fellowships

AirLand due September 10th

Princeton Arts Fellow due September 14th

Abbott Watts Residency due September 15th

Episkeptes Residency due September 15th

HAMBIDGE RESIDENCIES – Spring 22 due September 15th

Bloedel Reserve Creative Residency due September 15th

Artists Unchained Virtual Residency due September 16th

Sauerbier House artist in residence program due September 27th

Fort Union National Monument Residency due September 30th

Usine Utopik due October 3rd

Enclave Land Art Residency due October 10th

VisArts Next Generation Studio Fellowship 2022 due November 1st

Nes Artist Residency

The Loisaida Center Emerging Artist Residency

SomoS Berlin Virtual Artist Residency


Open Funds

Diversity Development Fund due September 17th

AXS Film Fund due September 17th

Guggenheim Fellowship due September 17th

Black Public Media due October 1st

F.E.A.S.T. at VisArts 2021 MUTUAL AID due October 1st

2022 Craft Research Fund Artist Fellowship due October 4th

Catapult Development Grant

The Photodom Grant Program

Black Artists Grant (UK)


Boston Opportunity Funds



Things to Watch

Remains to be Streamed, IG Live (Ongoing, Tuesdays 8PM PT)

Happy Valley by Simon Liu (August 26th – September 9th)

Uprooted: The Journey of Jazz Dance (September 8th – 14th)

An Other Cinema: Apparatus and Histories (September 6th – 20th)

Abolition Now! (August 30th – September 20th)

A Broken Mirror Still Reflects (September 1st – 30th)

‘A Subjective Reality’ A performance by Isabel Fredeus (September 2nd – October 2nd)

MOVING IMAGE SALON – ONLINE / 18th SEPT 9-11 AM ET (sign up now)

Lah gah (Letting go) by Cécile Brun


Things to Read

Article/Essay: The Places Bodies Can’t Reach by Mia You

Book Recommendation: Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson

Poem: Untitled poem for Ms. Pamela Echols by Dominique Christina (poem starts around 7 minutes in)


Things to Do

Assignment: Let’s take this week to tidy up. This isn’t the sexiest assignment, but it is an important part of maintaining a sustainable practice. This can be a physical space where you experiment/make work, a digital space where you store assets and materials, or your mental space where you likely have a number of partial ideas and goals that may need cataloging and saving for later. Take some time this week to get organized and prepared to dive into some more creative work.

Journal: What’s your block at the moment? Maybe you feel mentally/creatively stuck or maybe your body is giving you some trouble or maybe it’s just having to work for a living. What is the thing/things that are keeping you from putting your focus and attention where you want it? Name those things. Don’t worry about fixing them, just acknowledge what they are to yourself.

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